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Director’s Message

Driven by compassion and empathy, the idea of GUT Hospital became a reality few years back, with a vision to provide world-class gastro services to each patient of Bhopal and entire Madhya Pradesh. As thought leaders, academics, and medical practitioners, we carried the vision to deliver the latest global practice and knowledge to our patients and clients.

While we wanted to reach to every section of the society, we also knew the realities of life and how financial hindrance could be a problem for many to access us. Therefore, our primary focus has been to make our services inclusive and accessible to all as people with varying disparities continue to live in our country and gastroenterology is a common cause of worry for them. We have been committed to improving the health outcomes of our patients and providing medical support with a holistic and caring approach.

We value the importance of communication and take time to explain medical conditions and procedures so patients have a good understanding of their health issues. At the very outset, we resolved that GUT Hospital would not be just another medical facility and will ingrain the following principles

  •   We are aim to expand healthcare and make it accessible for all.
  •   Paying capacity for each patient is different and to support them, we will adjust our prices according to our patient’s need.
  •   It’s easy to say no to a patient based on monetary consideration but the real power lies in recognising the noble power of this field & serving as many individuals as possible.
  •   Providing subsidised healthcare services shouldn’t mean sub-standard services. Each patient will be guided by a team of expert medical minds that help provide intelligent solutions with a collaborative approach for patients with gastrointestinal diseases.

At GUT Hospitals, our practice provides an open, positive and caring environment, one that inspires collaboration and sharing of expertise. Aligned in our approach to medicine and patient care, we draw on each other’s unique experience to deliver results. Our administrative support staff are knowledgeable professionals who contribute to our friendly office atmosphere and strive to exceed our patient’s service expectations.

Taking this vision ahead won’t be a cakewalk but we are determined, more than ever to invest our resources in a way that the society is benefitted and the advantages of an affordable healthcare trickles down to the lowest section of the society. We plan to do this through a self-sufficient business model that respects all its stakeholders, values our compassionate professionals and understands the problems of our patients and the community at large.

Dr. Virendra Singh Chowdhury-Director,Gut GI & Liver Hospital

Dr. Namita Chowdhury- Director, Goalbert Diagnostics